… when mass tourism has left the island and temperatures become milder, then colors, scents and in particular the light are just wonderful. Visit Sardinia in the autumn and discover the hidden secrets and wildest regions of Sardinia.

Here a few suggestions for your autumn trip:

The sea: after the touristic rush, the most famous beaches become all yours. It’s finally time to enjoy long swims in the sea and sunbathe on the shore.

Outdoor sports: Hikers can enjoy a pristine nature and devote body and soul to scenic walks and fun climbing routes. The more adventurous can discover caves, try canyoning, kayaking, SUP or windsurfing.

Autumn in Barbagia: from September to December discover the heart of Sardinia through a magical circuit which invites you to experience ancient traditions, arts and crafts.

Local museums: for the most curious, Sardinia offers the chance to venture into history with its museums but also with the many nuraghi scattered throughout the island.

Festivals: autumn is festival time! Choose between the polenta, the chestnut, the saffron, the pomegranate and the artichoke festival, just to name a few, and experience up close local folklore and arts.

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