There are many different ways to visit a city. But this one, is very Italian and so much fun!

Aboard the beautiful bee gig of Cagliari Touring you’ll discover the heart of the old Cagliari, with its narrow winding streets, monuments and breathtaking views. Cagliari Touring is also available for special events, weddings, photo shoots, advertising, night tours and custom tours.

Price: 20€ per person for an individual tour of 90 minutes

Info & contact: https://www.facebook.com/CagliariTouring/?pnref=lhc
Phone: +39 3468759213

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/lz_ragKiucY

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    Darling, there is no other name for apixedda, really!! I looove this picture and this ape is really a fancy one. Little story about Sardinia…The fruit and vegetable shop I had downstairs in Cagliari was owned by Signor Peppino. Every morning he would carry the fruits and veggie for sales in his shop with his blue apixedda. I have fond memories of all that. Signor Peppino is still there with his son helping him now. He no longer have the apixedda but a more fancy pick up track 🙂

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