In the last few days snow has arrived in European…. Just on time for the advent as beautiful winter landscapes are taking shape and the first snowmen are being built. But what if the return of the cold makes you dream of pristine beaches and sunny days instead?

The desire of a sunny break could lead you straight to South Sardinia where nature awakes early March already. Carpets of flowers cover the plains, flamingos and other birds meet for their yearly reunion and the beaches are all yours to enjoy.

A delight for all sun seekers and nature lovers! For a private and comfortable accommodation check out our stylish Villetta Chillout near Chia and the beach. No matter the season, life in Sardinia is so much better!

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In the island Spring starts in March and ends middle of May, when early summer begins. The fragrant herbs and aromatic Mediterranean plants are in full bloom and dress entire regions into a sea of colors.

Spring is the ideal time if you feel comfortable with mild temperatures, love the simple life on the beach with a well-filled picnic basket. And if it rains … well, make yourself comfortable under the covered terrace of your holiday home and enjoy an excellent bottle of local red wine!

Our properties are close to the marvelous beaches of Chia and many more natural attractions. If this sounds good to you, visit our website or contact me!

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Spring time is asparagus time! In Sardinia they are not grown, but picked up in the countryside and not commercialized. In fact you cannot buy them in the shops or supermarkets, but you will find bundles of these delicate buds for sale along the road. But why not go pick them up yourself!

The plant Asparagus acutifolius is thorny and very pretty with that disheveled and crispy aspect. It grows a bit everywhere in rural areas: on the edge of country roads, leaning against stone walls or hiding around ancient nuraghi. Interestingly sheep do not eat asparagus, but bemusedly observe people who collect them armed with rubber boots and baskets, to prepare omelettes, soups or risottos. Have you tried them before?

Asparagus contains a stimulating blend of nutrients, making it a fantastic food for your health.

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