The Parco Molentargius-Saline located between Cagliari and Quartu is one of the most important sites in Europe for the staging, wintering and breeding of numerous wading bird species. A common sight is the pink flamingo, which has been nesting here since 1993. Ponds are also home to the black-winged stilt, the common water hen, the marsh harrier and the Eurasian wigeon, as well as the extremely rare purple heron, great egret and cattle egret, the little egret, the mallard and several species of ducks.

Birdwatchers can admire spectacular views such as the flight of the pink flamingos at sunset or the mating dance of the black-winged stilt.

Join one of the guided tours to observe the park’s plant and animal life! The park includes an area of green parkland with fitness trails and other paths across a beautiful and precious wetland habitat. We recommend to discover the area in push-bike, which you can rent at the entrance, in the “Sali Scelti” building.

If you particularly love flamingos, come visit in May when you can observe an estimated 10,000 breeding pairs. What a show!

Opening hours:
– from 16 October to 28 February, from 07.00 to 18:00.
– From 1 March to 15 October, from 06.30 to 21.00

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Things to know about the Posidonia

In late autumn you may notice on the shore of the most beautiful Sardinian beaches an accumulation of brown leaves, which is caused by the Posidonia.

In fact the Posidonia is not a seaweed but a plant that forms large underwater meadows that are an important part of the ecosystem. It consists of roots, stem and leaves, which fall in autumn and are washed up to the nearby shoreline creating bulks or little brown balls.

These dead leaves can often bring discomfort because of the bad smell they emanate. However, they are essential because they protect the beach from the impact of the waves, thereby limiting its erosion. The Posidonia protects the beauty of our beaches, so protect it too!

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It might have been the Costa Smeralda with its millionaires, models and mega-yachts that made Sardinia internationally famous, but if you want to explore the real Sardinia and its untouched nature, get away from the glitzy Porto Cervo and travel to the south of the island.

Take the Chia area as a base and from there discover the splendid south-western coast – white-sandy beaches adorned with junipers, fragrant maquis and spectacular views will just take your breath away! Explore the lively little town of Pula, visit the local artisans’ shops and relax at one of the cafés around the large piazza… ohhh, while there, don’t forget to visit the historical site of Nora and its gorgeous beach just outside town.

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In this full-day excursion you will learn all you need to know about the wildlife and Mediterranean flora of the area, as well as its unique geography.

Secrets of Sardinia will take you through the forest of Monte Maria, visit a Sardinian shepherd, have a brunch with local goods and excellent red wine and finally tour along the south-coast to admire the beauty of the bay of Tueredda and Chia.

The full day excursion starts from Pula and Santa Margherita around 9:00 am and costs 80€/person including

  • Trip through the forest of Monte Maria
  • Visit by a Sardinian Shepherd
  • Brunch with local goods and excellent red-wine
  • Tour along the south-coast
  • bay of Tueredda and Chia

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This is Tuerredda Beach on the south western coast of Sardinia, near Teulada. Some travelers like to call it “Mauritius in the Med”, but I prefer to simply call it “my beach”. When I was a child I used to come here with my family and already back then this mind-blowing spot of natural beauty was my favorite in all South Sardinia.

Still today Tuerredda has not changed and continues to play its magic on visitors … Its fascination has definitely deeply touched my soul.. and that’s why I continue to come here, year after year, almost like a pilgrim.

Here the sand is fine and white, the water incredibly transparent, nature pristine. If you prefer, come in the evening to discover all its glamour!

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This delicate white flower grows spontaneously on the coasts of Sardinia, for example on the protected dunes of Chia. It blooms and reproduces from July to September and its scent is sublime and persistent.

So, please help protect this gift of nature and never step on the dunes.

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