In Sardinia it is tradition to prepare a very special and elaborated Easter bread, the forms of which are manifold: crown, chick, girl, lapwing, fish, small baskets with holes in the shape of a fruit or flower. Even their names are different: ‘coccoi cun s’ou’, ‘coccoi to pippia’, ‘coccoi de pasca’, ‘coccoi de ou’ and of course many others.

All of these breads are completed by embedding an egg (with the shell) in the dough and sometimes concealing it. This particular bread is considered a symbol of fertility and good luck.

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Sea urchins are considered a cool weather food. In Sardinia you can find them on sale from the middle of November to late April.

This delicacy is eaten raw and is often featured in the cuisines of most Mediterranean cultures. The best way to eat sea urchins is by carefully dipping a piece of soft white bread directly into the shell and scoop out the meaty orange center, while trying to avoid any piece of shell or spine remaining from the opening process. Mmmm …. delicious! Give it a try!

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Pecorino is a generic term and as such can be used to indicate any cheese made from sheep’s milk. And in fact, in Italy there is a great variety of pecorino cheese, all specific to regions or sheep breeds. The Pecorino Sardo, despite the recent recognition of designated origin, is long known and has an ancient history linked to the rich Sardinian production characteristics. It is made of whole ewes’ milk of Sardinia breed.

You will find the “Pecorino Dolce” (sweet Pecorino) and the “Pecorino Staggionato” (seasoned Pecorino). Both types are excellent table cheeses and the seasoned one is often used grated in local dishes. The sweet kind is best paired with light wines such as Vermentino di Gallura, Vermentino di Sardegna or Monica of Sardegna, whereas the spicy type harmonises wonderfully with a Cannonau or Carignano del Sulcis Rosso.

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Whether you’re looking for a lively place to drink a Prosecco with friends, are longing for a savory pizza or delicious local food, this is the ideal place to visit.

S’Incontru Pizzeria-Steakhouse Restaurant in Pula is located in the large piazza just in the middle of town and is a lovely and sunny place for people watching and enjoying the good life. It is open daily for lunch and dinner!

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Spring time is asparagus time! In Sardinia they are not grown, but picked up in the countryside and not commercialized. In fact you cannot buy them in the shops or supermarkets, but you will find bundles of these delicate buds for sale along the road. But why not go pick them up yourself!

The plant Asparagus acutifolius is thorny and very pretty with that disheveled and crispy aspect. It grows a bit everywhere in rural areas: on the edge of country roads, leaning against stone walls or hiding around ancient nuraghi. Interestingly sheep do not eat asparagus, but bemusedly observe people who collect them armed with rubber boots and baskets, to prepare omelettes, soups or risottos. Have you tried them before?

Asparagus contains a stimulating blend of nutrients, making it a fantastic food for your health.

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