For sure this traditional Italian Easter yeast bread called “La Colomba” (Easter Dove) will not be missed on any Italian table. It’s shape recalls the dove symbolizing peace and resurrection.

The dough is soft and fragrant, rich in butter and eggs, mixed with pieces of candied oranges. The almond icing is applied before baking, giving it a sweet, crisp crust. Here is a recipe for those who want to bake it!

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Easter Dove- Colomba Di Pasqua Recipe –
Easter in Italy will not be without the lovely yummy cake in form of a dove, a Easter dove sign of peace


Sea urchins are considered a cool weather food. In Sardinia you can find them on sale from the middle of November to late April.

This delicacy is eaten raw and is often featured in the cuisines of most Mediterranean cultures. The best way to eat sea urchins is by carefully dipping a piece of soft white bread directly into the shell and scoop out the meaty orange center, while trying to avoid any piece of shell or spine remaining from the opening process. Mmmm …. delicious! Give it a try!

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You may find it difficult to locate a restaurant close to the beach with sea view in South Sardinia. But If you are staying around Pula/Chia don’t miss visiting the Oasi di Fabrizio Senis, just on the beach of Santa Margherita di Pula. You will be delighted. It is located on the SS195, turn right by the Pineta arch.
You will literally sit just a few meters from the shore with a magnificent view on both sides of the beach. The service is very friendly, and the food is simply but tasty and generous. Try one of their pasta dishes with seafood, the grilled tuna steak with vegetables or a large plate of mussels and clams. We suggest concluding your meal with homemade sweet raviolis and a small mirto (myrtle liqueur).
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If I ever received one of these beauties, I am not sure I would even dare eating them – they are beautiful!

Coricheddus (small hearts) are typical Sardinian sweets commonly made of almonds, honey, orange peel and saffron! It takes a lot of time to make them as they are designed by hand, one by one, like jewels!

These sweets are typical of the Nuoro region (central Sardinia) and are often prepared for festive occasions and weddings, when they are offered to the bride and groom! The hearts are often decorated
with flowers, ears, wedding rings and lots of imagination! Other typical shapes are the bird and the pitcher.

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The popular festival is held annually on the last Sunday of October in Aritzo, in the heart of Barbagia, a place of wild enchantment between beauty and goodness . The event is a great opportunity to raise awareness of local products, cultural heritage, environment and art of central Sardinia. During two days (Saturday and Sunday) the festival features musical performances and art exhibitions, while hot chestnuts, freshly cooked, and a good glass of new wine await you along with desserts and many other typical specialties. In the producers’ market you can find the freshness of local products to take home. A cultural event not to be missed!

It was mainly the Laore company that re-discovered the cultivation of chestnut trees in Sardinia. In 2007 they began to implement a plan for restructuring the chestnut trees, identifying and selecting the local qualities that best fit the market. This led to the subsequent grafting of about 150 hectares of chestnut and chestnut woods that meet these needs. Sardinia counts 2000 hectares which could be destined to chestnut trees, but currently only 1000 hectares have been developed mainly located in Barbagia-Mandrolosai (Desulo, Tonara, Belvì and Aritzo).

For those who are staying in South Sardinia, you can also visit the local chestnut producer in Teulada, the Azienda Agricola Sebera di Francesco e Luigi Pirlo – they are currently harvesting the chestnuts and it’s worth a visit!



Photo: Azienda Agricola Sebera di Francesco e Luigi Pirlo

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Whether you’re looking for a lively place to drink a Prosecco with friends, are longing for a savory pizza or delicious local food, this is the ideal place to visit.

S’Incontru Pizzeria-Steakhouse Restaurant in Pula is located in the large piazza just in the middle of town and is a lovely and sunny place for people watching and enjoying the good life. It is open daily for lunch and dinner!

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Spring time is asparagus time! In Sardinia they are not grown, but picked up in the countryside and not commercialized. In fact you cannot buy them in the shops or supermarkets, but you will find bundles of these delicate buds for sale along the road. But why not go pick them up yourself!

The plant Asparagus acutifolius is thorny and very pretty with that disheveled and crispy aspect. It grows a bit everywhere in rural areas: on the edge of country roads, leaning against stone walls or hiding around ancient nuraghi. Interestingly sheep do not eat asparagus, but bemusedly observe people who collect them armed with rubber boots and baskets, to prepare omelettes, soups or risottos. Have you tried them before?

Asparagus contains a stimulating blend of nutrients, making it a fantastic food for your health.

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Sheep-farming has always been one of the most prolific and productive activities in Sardinia. As a result of this very old tradition, there are currently about 5 million Sardinian lambs on the island!

The meat is a high quality food, organic and rich in protein. It is lean, tender, easily digestible, and above all, its aromatic taste recalls the wild herbs that the animals have been grazing freely in the fields. The best way to cook the lamb is in the oven, but it can also be prepared on the grill or in a pan, seasoned with local white wine, garlic, olive oil and herbs. A unique delicacy!

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Su FurriadroxiuSu Furriadroxu is the name of a typical house built around a courtyard that distinguishes the architecture of the villages and boroughs of the Campidano region (South Sardinia).

Situated in the heart of Pula old town, near the Piazza del Popolo, Su Furriadroxu serves specialities of the local campidanese cooking. The ambiance is very friendly and feels very original – you immediately feel like you are being welcomed in a private home (which it used to be for a long time!). Architecture, furniture, paintings, decorations and even the costume of the personnel remind us of past times.

You can take a seat either in the courtyard amidst the perfumed orange and lemon trees, under the charming loggia or in the living room covered by a beautiful truss ceiling.


Their menu offers a wide range of original dishes made only with local produces. Start your meal with an antipasto or salad, and continue with a yummy specialty such as Malloreddus alla Campidanese (pasta with sausage and tomato sauce), Ricotta and saffron ravioli in cheese cream sauce and orange, pasta bags filled with mashed potato and mild mint in tomato and basil sauce, Suckling pig on the spit (on order), Boar stew in red wine sauce, or Mixed grilled meat, just to name a few.Su Furriadroxu

But don’t leave without trying their divine Sebada (large fried raviolo stuffed with fresh cheese and topped with honey) or Ricotta cheese cream on soft Sardinian biscuits … Heaven!

The restaurant is open in the evenings. Check the menu on the webbsite:





Why not surprise your loved one with a traditional Sardinian dish! This very pretty looking dumpling is called Culurgiones, a delicious pasta filled with potatoes, fresh and aged pecorino, garlic and mint. On this special day, we suggest to serve the culurgiones just with a heavenly tomato sauce.

The most challenging part is the closing of the dumpling, which makes it look so gorgeous. If you want to learn how to make Culurgiones, have a look at this video!

Buon appetito and Happy Valentine!

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