Pristine island and stunning countryside


When we imagine our paradise beach, we see crystal clear water with a rich undersea world, a white and fine sandy beach with soft dunes covered with juniper and myrtle in the background, a place where peace and quiet prevails.

Well, this paradise exists in South Sardinia, more precisely in Porto Zafferano (or Cala Zafferano), a really unique beach near Capo Teulada just a few kilometres away from the port of Teulada. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches of Sardinia. In fact, the beach and the entire coastal area is off limits from September 1 to May 31, as it is part of the NATO military area. However, from June 1 to August 30 Porto Zafferano can be reached by sea.

Porto Zafferano has a preserved marine wildlife due to the complete fishing ban throughout the year. This is the perfect place for snorkelling, as you will easily see many types of fish, including eels, octopus, sea urchins and more.

To see the treasures of Porto Zafferano you can either rent a small boat or a dingy in Porto Pino or Porto Tramatzu, or you can join an excursion starting daily from the port of Teulada ( Book long in advance if you would like to visit in August!

Flamingos in Sant’Antioco

What could be better than a quiet sunny day to visit the beautiful nature and the backwaters of South Sardinia?

Today we propose a visit of the lagoon of Santa Caterina, which is located in the northern part of the Gulf of Palmas on the island of Sant’Antioco.

The isthmus that connects the island of Sant’Antioco to the main island was built in 1939 and by remaining closed for 40 years, it has prevented water exchange thereby decreasing significantly fish abundance. The lagoon is still connected to the Rio Palmas and Rio Sassu and is located just next to the saline of Sant’Antioco, which was built in 1969.

From Chia, Sant’Antioco can be reached in about 1 hour by car.

Photo Salvatore Selis,


The tower of Chia was built on the acropolis of the Punic-Roman settlement called Bithia. At the time, the tower used to guard the Southern part of the island, which was ideal for water supply, and kept under control the highly exposed beaches from the landing of the pirates. Until 1720 the tower maintained its importance and its presence encouraged the emergence of the village of Domus de Maria nearby. Following the end of the Administration of the Towers, from the mid-19th century to around 1950, the Tower of Chia was used by the Border Guard to combat smuggling. In 1988 and the early 90s the tower underwent a serious renovation.

Follow the main road (SS195) from Cagliari to Teulada, turn left at km 44, 5 and follow indications to the tower or the beach “Spiaggia di Su Portu”. From there, walk 10 minutes up the hill and enjoy the splendid coastal views.


Not everybody knows that South Sardinia has the largest holm oaks forest of Europe. If you are looking for an interesting excursion with family and friends, take a break from the beach and go discover the natural beauty of the Sardinian hills!

The adventure starts only a 10 minute drive from the beaches of Chia and leads through the granite mountains of Domus de Maria (900 m) in direction Teulada. You will be astonished by the wild and pristine beauty of the holm-oaks, eucalyptus and pine trees, myrtles, strawberry-trees, heather and mastic trees in the undergrowth. If it’s your lucky day, you will even be able to observe Sardinian deers, fallow-deers and wild boars.

Drive for about 6 km to reach the farm “Agriturismo Sa Mitza e s’Orcu”, which serves local specialties to its visitors. Continue the road for another 8 km (2 of which are not asphalted) to reach the forester’s property Is Cannoneris (742 m) and the welcoming picnic area. For the most daring, here starts the 4 km hike that leads you to the highest point of the mountain, Punta Sebera (979 m). Once arrived at the top, all your efforts will be rewarded by the spectacular panorama, which on a clear day, reaches as far out as Cagliari and Villasimius on the East and Carloforte Island on the west.

If you prefer to take a guide or are looking for more adventures, check out:


If you prefer an easy walk, we highly recommend a hike to the old lighthouse at Cape Teulada or Capo Spartivento.

This wonderful excursion starts in Chia. Just follow the road to the beaches and leave your car in Cala Cipolla (last beach), a marvellous spot among sand dunes and juniper trees. The panoramic ascent takes you up to the lighthouse in less than one hour. Built in 1866 and sticking out about 60 meters above sea level, the lighthouse of Spartivento has been restored a few years ago and transformed in a luxurious 5-star hotel. Nevertheless, this magical place has lost absolutely nothing of its original beauty. It is well worth a visit for its stunning views and the picture-postcard scenery!


Would you like to learn more about a fisherman’s life and his deep relationship with the sea? Why not join a boat excursion for example with the Pescaturismo Coop. San Macario! In the Summer they start daily from the port of Pula Pier 27 where you set off to spend a day of fishing, learning traditions, enjoying good food, while discovering the wonderful South Sardinian sea.

After hauling the nets the tour heads towards Cape Malfatano. On the way, you will discover the unspoiled coves of Chia, Capo Teulada Sa Paliazza, Perdalonga, Tuerredda and Sa Cala de sa Lattarina (Cape Malfatano). The menu on board consists of a mid-morning snack with a cheese tasting, bottarga (slices of dried pressed mullet roe), olives and Vermentino di Sardegna. The lunch is based on the catch of the day and includes fresh fruit, coffee, homemade mirto (myrtle liqueur) and dessert. Porto Perdesali, Molo 27, Pula, Phone: +39 070 920 8105. Other excursions available from the port of Cagliari and Sant’Antioco.