cThe objects of greatest interest are those found during the excavations in the sixties and eighties in Bithia that brought to light interesting pieces of historical and cultural value such as the sandstone statue of the god Bes, a bull-god represented with the right arm raised to greet the sacred “betili” stones that ancient people laid in the areas of worship.

To enrich the collection of the museum are mainly the archaeological finds from the ancient necropolis of Bithia, near the Tower of Chia, from common pottery to flask-shaped containers dating from the sixth century BC. Several rooms of the museum are dedicated to more modern handicrafts and local produces.

The museum is located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Domus de Maria and open daily in the summer, upon request for the remaining of the year. Open daily in the summer; upon request for the rest of the year. Entrance: 1,60€; no reservation required.

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To celebrate the Autumn, which has just arrived, we highly recommend a romantic but easy hike to the old lighthouse at Cape Teulada or Capo Spartivento.

This wonderful starts in Chia. Just follow the road to the beaches and leave your car in Cala Cipolla (last beach), a marvelous spot among sand dunes and juniper trees. The panoramic ascent takes you up to the lighthouse in about 30 minutes. Built in 1866 and sticking out about 60 meters above sea level, the lighthouse of Spartivento has been recently restored and transformed in a luxurious 5-star hotel. Nevertheless, this magical place has lost absolutely nothing of its original beauty. It is well worth a visit for its stunning views and the picture-postcard scenery !

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It might have been the Costa Smeralda with its millionaires, models and mega-yachts that made Sardinia internationally famous, but if you want to explore the real Sardinia and its untouched nature, get away from the glitzy Porto Cervo and travel to the south of the island.

Take the Chia area as a base and from there discover the splendid south-western coast – white-sandy beaches adorned with junipers, fragrant maquis and spectacular views will just take your breath away! Explore the lively little town of Pula, visit the local artisans’ shops and relax at one of the cafés around the large piazza… ohhh, while there, don’t forget to visit the historical site of Nora and its gorgeous beach just outside town.

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Spend a day on tour with Secrets of Sardinia and explore the very best and most spectacular beaches of the South East or South West coast of the island, as you wish.

During the drive you will witness a panoramic view of the coastline and will be able to stop at one of the bays for swimming or snorkeling. You will visit at least three different beaches during the day. Each time, you’ll be given around two hours of leisure time to explore and enjoy yourself.

If you are staying around the Chia area, why not book this tour and discover the other southern part of the island?

The tour costs 60€/person. For bookings check out: http://www.secretsofsardinia.com/beach-tours-to-the-beautiful-south-coast-and-the-amazing-beaches.html

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There are many different ways to visit a city. But this one, is very Italian and so much fun!

Aboard the beautiful bee gig of Cagliari Touring you’ll discover the heart of the old Cagliari, with its narrow winding streets, monuments and breathtaking views. Cagliari Touring is also available for special events, weddings, photo shoots, advertising, night tours and custom tours.

Price: 20€ per person for an individual tour of 90 minutes

Info & contact: https://www.facebook.com/CagliariTouring/?pnref=lhc
Phone: +39 3468759213

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/lz_ragKiucY

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$With this wonderful excursion you will visit the coves less visited of the southern coast of Sardinia. You will walk along the ancient Roman road to visit the beaches of Su Coldorinu where the ruins of the Phoenician tophet dating back to the 8th century are located. Between a dip the chrysal clear sea and a selfie, you will reach Cala Cipan, one of most evocative beach of Chia and the imposing lighthouse of Capo Spartivento from where you can admire the southernmost tip of Sardinia and gaze at Capo Teulada, just 120 km away from Africa.

From the lighthouse you will visit the beach of Malfatano, Cala Crabittu and the picturesque Larboi beach. It will be possible to have lunch on the shore of Malfatano with the catch of the day… Yummy 🙂 The local guide will be eager to make the tour as personal as possible and will assist you with your experience. Group or exclusive excursion (optional) of half day with jeep transfer, Italian guide, lunch (optional). Duration 4-5 hours

Book now at www.bitan.it and have fun!

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Escape the beach for just a few hours and head to the Communal Art Gallery of Cagliari, located near the public gardens in the Castello district!

The Gallery holds the greatest collection of works by Sardinian artists, plus a fascinating collection on art trends of the 1960s and the 1980s, a collection of ethnographic materials from Sardinia, dating from the late 18th to the mid 20th century, as well as a large collection of prints.

Address: Giardini Pubblici, viale San Vincenzo, 2 – 09124 Cagliari
Opening hours: 1 September – 31 May: 10:00-18:00, 1 June – 31 August 10:00-20:00; closed Tuesdays.
Tickets: € 6.00 (for adults); € 2.50 (for children); free for children under 6 years. Guided tours of the museum available.

Info: http://sistemamuseale.museicivicicagliari.it/galleria-comunale-darte-cagliari/
Photo: www.comunecagliarinews.it

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UNisola proposes a selection of 2-hours easy cultural itineraries to discover the most interesting neighborhoods of the Sardinia’s capital:

Castello district: the most symbolic district of Cagliari, with its wide and narrow streets, civil and religious architecture.
Stampace district: commercial suburb, with its streets animated by small artisan shops and traditional restaurants.
Marina district: commercial and multicultural neighborhood with its narrow streets and full of traditional restaurants.
Villanova distsrict: decorated streets with the flowering terraces and the small typical churches.

Have you made your choice? If not, why not join them all! Remember that Cagliari is less than one hour drive from your villa in the Chia area. Perfect for taking a break from the beach!

For more information check out: http://www.unisola.it/offerte-sardegna/itinerari-turistici/culturali/cagliari/quartieri-storici/?lang=eng

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The Mangiabarche lighthouse (named Boat Eater) is one of the most evocative beacon of South Sardinia. Despite its name, its purpose is of course to keep boats from crashing on the dangerous rocks which are hiding just underneath the surface.

In front of the lighthouse and behind the cliffs overhanging the sea, you will find an enchanting beach, where the sea is incredibly transparent and the sun reflecting on the seabed creates thousands shimmering shades of blue.

This lovely spot is on the island of Sant’Antioco, which can easily be reached from the Sardinian South coast by crossing the bridge. To get there follow the coastal road and shortly before reaching the beaches of Calasetta, turn at the sign and follow the unpaved road.

The beach has a small parking, hotels, bars, refreshment and is particularly loved by scuba divers and snorkelers. So don’t forget to bring all your gear to admire the rich seabed of this area!

Photo: Foto Andrea Utzeri, www.farisardegna.it

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The Carnival, the only festivity not linked to Catholic liturgy, is deep rooted in the Sardinian culture. Across the island the festivities start with the bonfires of Saint Anthony on 17th January while the main celebrations take place between Ash Thursday and Ash Tuesday to conclude on Ash Wednesday. Interestingly the main carnival characters vary quite strongly from region to region.

The Carnival often recalls archaic rites, where the year end is represented by a king or queen (in Tempio Pausiania) or by a rag puppet that is tried, condemned to the stake and afterwards mourned with a ridiculous funeral whine (in Bosa, Maimone, Cagliari).

In the center of the island, Carnival often features mute masks of ancient origin such as Mamuthones and Issohadores (Mamoiada), Boes and Merdules (Ottana) and Sos Thuros (Orotelli).

Especially in the region of Oristano, equistrian performances are at the heart of the Carnival (e.g. Sartiglia in Oristano, Sa carrela ‘nanti in Santulussurgiu, Sa corsa e sa pudda in Ghilarza).

No matter where you decide to go, the Carnival is usually accompanied by beans with bacon, fritters (kind of donuts) and plenty of local wine. Have fun!

Photo: Maurizio Aresi by www.sardiniaturismo.eu
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