Si, la spiaggia è ottima per rilassarsi! Ma se avete bambini piccoli, potrebbero ricordarvi che le vacanze vogliono dire anche azione e tanto divertimento. Quindi perché non dirigersi al Parco Acquatico Blue Fan e trascorrere una giornata rinfrescante ed entusiasmante con la famiglia?
Avete mai sentito parlare della Multitrack Cronor Race o del Black Hole PsicoLightMusic? Beh, magari è giunto il momento di provare! Sentitevi come indiana Jones nel Big River oppure regalatevi una scossa di adrenalina sul Kamikaze Drop, solo per nominare alcune attrazioni. Potreste anche volervi unire ad uno degli “Foam Party” nella piscina con le onde oppure… Magari potete rilassarvi nell’idromassaggio e godervi i getti energizzanti della cascata.
Il Parco acquatico si trova fra Sarroch e Pula, al kilometro 24,6 della Strada Statale (SS 195). È aperto in estate dalle 9:30 -10:00 fino alle 18:30.


Sa Colonia beach is characterized by a large stretch of white-amber sand, bathed by the emerald and crystalline water and shallow shore, which are so typical of this area. On the left side of the beach you will see the Tower of Chia, while on the left rises the Monte Cogoni. Behind the beach are the beautiful dunes and the lagoon of Chia.

How to get there: From the main road of Chia, follow the signs for Torre Chia, take the last road on the right, go straight to the end until you find the parking. Alternatively, instead of turning to Torre Chia, turn right into the next street (Via del Levante), which runs alongside the lagoon, until you get to the parking. From there continue on foot to the beach.

Services (in the summer): bar, toilets, sunbeds and umbrellas rental, parking, canoe, pedalo, jet ski, excursions, diving, snorkeling and sailing.

Our tips: out of season, free parking and less crowded; avoid in case of Mistral; no seagrass.

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An unforgettable kayak tour that leads us to explore the beautiful south coast of Sardinia. 

The tour starts at Tuerredda, a paradisiac beach located between Capo Capo Spartivento and Malfatano. With its fine white sandy beach and the emerald colour of the sea, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. After a quick tour of the island just in front of, we leave Tuerredda behind us to continue along the coast towards Cape Malfatano. This coast is marked by Spanish towers that have played an important role in protecting the island.
Our trip continues among the many coves and the wild coast. We finally arrive in Cape Malfatano where we can admire his tower and stop to have a little rest. We still continue for a few kilometres until you reach the tower Piscinni.

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What to do in SouthSardinia – Bird watching – FLAMINGO CHICKS WERE BORN!


The Parco Molentargius-Saline located between Cagliari and Quartu is one of the most important sites in Europe for the staging, wintering and breeding of numerous wading bird species. A common sight is the pink flamingo, which has been nesting here since 1993. Ponds are also home to the black-winged stilt, the common water hen, the marsh harrier and the Eurasian wigeon, as well as the extremely rare purple heron, great egret and cattle egret, the little egret, the mallard and several species of ducks.

Birdwatchers can admire spectacular views such as the flight of the pink flamingos at sunset or the mating dance of the black-winged stilt.

Join one of the guided tours to observe the park’s plant and animal life! The park includes an area of green parkland with fitness trails and other paths across a beautiful and precious wetland habitat. We recommend to discover the area in push-bike, which you can rent at the entrance, in the “Sali Scelti” building.

Opening hours: From 1 April to 16 October, from 06.30 to 21.00

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