TORRE CALASETTAThe island of Sant’Antioco is connected to Sardinia by a bridge, hence no need to take a boat or study time schedules. Once on the island, I recommend making a stop in the charming village of Calasetta, which has preserves its typical and unchanged traits of its Genoan and Tarbarchin (Tunesia) origins. Have a stroll in the picturesque narrow streets and admire the sea from one of the cafés on the harbour front.Calasetta is very famous for its distinctive tower, which was built around 1737. The tower was erected by the Savoy authorities to defend the channel between Sant’Antioco and the Island of San Pietro from the Saracen vessels.

The Calasetta area has numerous beaches of amazing beauty. The coast is steep and rocky to the West and low and sandy to the North-East. If you choose to spend the afternoon around Calasetta, you have the choice of several marvellous beaches such as “Spiaggiagrande”, “Porto Maggiore”, the “Salina” and “Sottotorre”.

The rocky rampart to the West is of unrivalled beauty stretching to a depth of up to 10 m and contributing to the creation of striking caves and stack formations of rocks. Have a look at one of the most beautiful places carved by the sea: the “Nido dei Passeri” (sparrows’ nest), a rocky formation which serves as a refuge to many local birds.

Influenced by the Liguria region, Sicily and North-Africa, the cuisine of Calasetta is a typical culture mix. If you decide to stay in Calasetta for lunch, try the superb dish offresh local tuna served with the “farinate di ceci” (a sort of savory pie made of chick peas) and fish soup.

From the Chia area, Sant’Antioco can be reached in approximately 1.5 hour drive. The scenic road will take you through the charming villages of Teulada, Sant’Anna Arresi and Sant’Antioco.