The Bike Center of Santa Margherita di Pula, on the South West Coast, offers the rental of different bikes and accessories. The environment is ideal especially for mountain bike lovers and offers excursions and tours with different routes, slopes and levels of difficulty from easy to hard.

But also for those, who love road-biking there are many choices. Their team is at your disposal in order to help you choosing the right bike and to deliver it to your holiday address. Find the perfect accommodation on our website!

For more information on bike rentals:

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  1. Andreas Grunwald
    Andreas Grunwald says:

    Wie war! Wenn ich die Mittel hätte, würde ich zumindest mehrere Monate bleiben und die Insel mit dem Bike bereisen. > Das wäre paradiesisch. Übrigens die unten angepriesenen Golfanlagen, brauch ich dabei wirklich nicht 😉

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