1. Pleasant Climate
The climate is already warm and sunny but without the sultriness of high Summer that knocks you out. The minimum temperature is around 17 degrees!

2. Less crowded Beaches
Beaches are decidedly less crowded and you do not have to walk for hours under the scorching sun to find a square meter to lay down your towel. The sand seems whiter and the sea even more transparent!

3. Cultural Highlights
The mild climate is perfect for organizing excursions in the forest and natural parks, discover interesting archaeological sites or admire the local festivals and their ancient traditions.

4. Meet the Locals
Stroll in the small towns and meet the real locals, go to the market in Cagliari and learn about their produces or participate to their traditional festivals. Sardinians are very welcoming and love to promote their island.

5. Spend less
Accommodations, flights, ferry fares and car rentals: everything is just cheaper off season. So why not take advantage of it!

Now you have at least 5 reasons to visit us! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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In the island Spring starts in March and ends middle of May, when early summer begins. The fragrant herbs and aromatic Mediterranean plants are in full bloom and dress entire regions into a sea of colors.

Spring is the ideal time if you feel comfortable with mild temperatures, love the simple life on the beach with a well-filled picnic basket. And if it rains … well, make yourself comfortable under the covered terrace of your holiday home and enjoy an excellent bottle of local red wine!

Our properties are close to the marvelous beaches of Chia and many more natural attractions. If this sounds good to you, visit our website or contact me!

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It might have been the Costa Smeralda with its millionaires, models and mega-yachts that made Sardinia internationally famous, but if you want to explore the real Sardinia and its untouched nature, get away from the glitzy Porto Cervo and travel to the south of the island.

Take the Chia area as a base and from there discover the splendid south-western coast – white-sandy beaches adorned with junipers, fragrant maquis and spectacular views will just take your breath away! Explore the lively little town of Pula, visit the local artisans’ shops and relax at one of the cafés around the large piazza… ohhh, while there, don’t forget to visit the historical site of Nora and its gorgeous beach just outside town.

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For most people, July and August means “Summer Holidays”. However, if you have the chance to avoid the high season, why not come and enjoy South Sardinia, when most of the tourists have left the island?

Here are the 5 top reasons why South Sardinia is better out of season:

1. Pleasant warm weather – an average of 28 degrees in September and 24 in October! Excellent for excursions and sports 🙂
2. Less crowded beaches – no shouts, no ringing phones, no parking fees, just you and the sea!
3. Stay for less – accommodation, ferries, flights and rental cars massively drop their prices past August.
4. Cultural highlights – enjoy local festivals, explore historical sites, visit museums and learn more about the island.
5. Meet the locals – visit the local markets, enjoy the buzz of the city, learn from and become friends with Sardinian folks.

For your stay in South Sardinia, why not check out our selection of holiday homes, even available when most hotels have already ended the season…!

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… when mass tourism has left the island and temperatures become milder, then colors, scents and in particular the light are just wonderful. Visit Sardinia in the autumn and discover the hidden secrets and wildest regions of Sardinia.

Here a few suggestions for your autumn trip:

The sea: after the touristic rush, the most famous beaches become all yours. It’s finally time to enjoy long swims in the sea and sunbathe on the shore.

Outdoor sports: Hikers can enjoy a pristine nature and devote body and soul to scenic walks and fun climbing routes. The more adventurous can discover caves, try canyoning, kayaking, SUP or windsurfing.

Autumn in Barbagia: from September to December discover the heart of Sardinia through a magical circuit which invites you to experience ancient traditions, arts and crafts. www.cuoredellasardegna.it/

Local museums: for the most curious, Sardinia offers the chance to venture into history with its museums but also with the many nuraghi scattered throughout the island.

Festivals: autumn is festival time! Choose between the polenta, the chestnut, the saffron, the pomegranate and the artichoke festival, just to name a few, and experience up close local folklore and arts.

For a comfortable stay, check out our stylish villas in South Sardinia: www.simplychillout.com

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Have you ever asked yourself what are the advantages of renting a holiday property rather than booking a hotel?

Here are the top reasons that might change your mind about renting a home:
1) It’s cheaper per person
2) There is enough space for everybody to retreat and relax
3) You can enjoy the same comfort as in your own home
4) Privacy is king
5) Swim in your own pool, whenever you like
6) Prepare together your favorite meals
7) Experience quality time with family and friends
8) Take your beloved pet with you

Next time you plan your holidays, let us know what is important to you and we will find the perfect holiday property. For more information about our holiday homes collection in South Sardinia check www.simplychillout.com!

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Hold on to that summer feeling with an autumn break in South Sardinia!

You can just kick back on one of the island’s near-empty beaches, soak up some rays, read a book, meditate and just feel the moment …. The late summer warmth and the remaining warm water swims make it an exquisite time to enjoy the southern part of the island.

Check out our stylish rental holiday homes in South Sardinia!

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