Sa Colonia beach is characterized by a large stretch of white-amber sand, bathed by the emerald and crystalline water and shallow shore, which are so typical of this area. On the left side of the beach you will see the Tower of Chia, while on the left rises the Monte Cogoni. Behind the beach are the beautiful dunes and the lagoon of Chia.

How to get there: From the main road of Chia, follow the signs for Torre Chia, take the last road on the right, go straight to the end until you find the parking. Alternatively, instead of turning to Torre Chia, turn right into the next street (Via del Levante), which runs alongside the lagoon, until you get to the parking. From there continue on foot to the beach.

Services (in the summer): bar, toilets, sunbeds and umbrellas rental, parking, canoe, pedalo, jet ski, excursions, diving, snorkeling and sailing.

Our tips: out of season, free parking and less crowded; avoid in case of Mistral; no seagrass.

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Take an unforgettable kayak tour to explore the very southern coast of Sardinia!

The tour starts at the small beach of Pinus Village (or Cala Marina) just in front of Eden Rock. From there, you will proceed towards  the famous caves that characterize the coast and, thanks to your kayak you will venture inside to discover hidden coves.

After a short break, you will continue to paddle to another corner of paradise: you are in Chia, in front of the island of Su Cardolino, some almost deserted coves and the imposing tower of Chia.

This excursion is suitable for everyone, even for children from 6 years old. It can be booked online at

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The Monte Cogoni beach is located in Chia in the municipality of Domus de Maria. It is next to the beach of Sa Colonia, which can also be accessed on foot following a path around the the tower of Chia (watch video).

The beach of Sa Colonia, in turn, joins the beach of Su Portu and is characterized by the presence of Cardolinu, an islet attached to the beach by a narrow isthmus of sand. The Monte Cogoni beach has a light-colored sand, low dunes and is interesting because of the Chia lagoon, where you will see egrets, coots, herons and the beautiful pink flamingos.

Its shallow water makes it safe for children to play. This beach is ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving and by windy conditions, it is an ideal spot for surfers.

You can get there by following the signs to Torre di Chia or Spiaggia Sa Colonia. it is accessible to the disabled and offers camping, bar and restaurant.

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This post starts a series about the beaches of South Sardinia, near and around Pula, Chia and Teulada. Today we start with the beach of Cala Marina (also called Cala Bernardini).

If you are staying in one of our rental properties in Eden Rock, the beach is never too far away (600 – 1500 m) and can be reached on foot. The family-friendly beach of Cala Bernardini forms, with the beach of Riva dei Pini, a single beach of fine white sand, clear emerald waters, sandy and shallow bottom for several tens of meters from the shore. A few rocks can be found in the water and on the beach, but there is practically no seaweed.

Following the trail on the right towards the pink granite rocks, you will discover other small coves of fine sand and further the beach of Pinus Village. Behind lies a dense Mediterranean vegetation which perfumes the air.

How to get there: Take either the junction to Cala Marina (just across the Capo Blu village) or to the village Riva dei Pini, then head towards the sea. You can also reach the Pinus Village beach by crossing the village.

Services (in the summer): bar, toilets, sunbed and umbrella rental, parking

Our tip: If you prefer to take the car, make sure to arrive before 10 am, especially in July and August. In the summer you can park for a fee, out of season it’s mostly free of charge. Avoid driving through Pinus Village in July/August.

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The south-western coast between Chia and Teulada offers without doubts one of the most stunning stretches of the island. More than 20 km of panoramic road unveils breathtaking sea views with all shades of blues, pristine nature and scented vegetation.

Along the road you will discover soft green hills, picturesque coves, exceptional white sandy beaches and clear waters. Once in a while make a stop … take a deep breath and let the magnificent surroundings act upon your senses! Finally take some great pictures that will remind you of this wonderful feeling and share them with your friends and family back home!

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In the last few days snow has arrived in European…. Just on time for the advent as beautiful winter landscapes are taking shape and the first snowmen are being built. But what if the return of the cold makes you dream of pristine beaches and sunny days instead?

The desire of a sunny break could lead you straight to South Sardinia where nature awakes early March already. Carpets of flowers cover the plains, flamingos and other birds meet for their yearly reunion and the beaches are all yours to enjoy.

A delight for all sun seekers and nature lovers! For a private and comfortable accommodation check out our stylish Villetta Chillout near Chia and the beach. No matter the season, life in Sardinia is so much better!

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Behind sandy dunes with Mediterranean vegetation and a forest of pines and junipers, appears the beautiful and wild cove of Cala Cipolla. It is framed by two headlands of pink granite that stretch towards the sea and make it appear like a natural pool. The beach is located just east of the promontory of Capo Spartivento, which is surmounted by a stunning lighthouse from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire south-western coast.

Cala Cipolla is characterized by a clear sea, with shimmering shades ranging from intense blue to light green. The sandy bottom is rather shallow, which makes this beach particularly appreciated by families with small children. It is an ideal destination for surfers and is much appreciated by those who practice underwater fishing and diving. The car park is located just hundred meters from the beach, which also has a small kiosk open during the summertime.

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You may find it difficult to locate a restaurant close to the beach with sea view in South Sardinia. But If you are staying around Pula/Chia don’t miss visiting the Oasi di Fabrizio Senis, just on the beach of Santa Margherita di Pula. You will be delighted. It is located on the SS195, turn right by the Pineta arch.
You will literally sit just a few meters from the shore with a magnificent view on both sides of the beach. The service is very friendly, and the food is simply but tasty and generous. Try one of their pasta dishes with seafood, the grilled tuna steak with vegetables or a large plate of mussels and clams. We suggest concluding your meal with homemade sweet raviolis and a small mirto (myrtle liqueur).
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It might have been the Costa Smeralda with its millionaires, models and mega-yachts that made Sardinia internationally famous, but if you want to explore the real Sardinia and its untouched nature, get away from the glitzy Porto Cervo and travel to the south of the island.

Take the Chia area as a base and from there discover the splendid south-western coast – white-sandy beaches adorned with junipers, fragrant maquis and spectacular views will just take your breath away! Explore the lively little town of Pula, visit the local artisans’ shops and relax at one of the cafés around the large piazza… ohhh, while there, don’t forget to visit the historical site of Nora and its gorgeous beach just outside town.

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Spend a day on tour with Secrets of Sardinia and explore the very best and most spectacular beaches of the South East or South West coast of the island, as you wish.

During the drive you will witness a panoramic view of the coastline and will be able to stop at one of the bays for swimming or snorkeling. You will visit at least three different beaches during the day. Each time, you’ll be given around two hours of leisure time to explore and enjoy yourself.

If you are staying around the Chia area, why not book this tour and discover the other southern part of the island?

The tour costs 60€/person. For bookings check out:

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