About Us

When Sardinian heart meets Scandinavian soul …

Since childhood Patricia used to spend her holidays on the white sandy beaches and crystalline waters of South Sardinia, where her roots are. Those fantastic memories are still fresh in her mind and her infinite love for the sea has not changed ever since.

Years later she met her Danish companion Tim. Travelling was not very popular in his family … until … he met Patricia. It was then that his strong interest for history led him to discover a new passion for foreign cultures and lifestyles. Together they traveled the world, but one of their favorite places still remains Sardinia. The warmth and the openness of the Mediterranean people, as well as their laid back way of life have truly enriched their life.

Patricia’s dream to reconnect with her island made us realize how tricky it was to find a cozy rental villa that matched our taste and lifestyle. In 2006, we decided to buy Villetta Chillout in South Sardinia and created a stylish holiday home, our hideaway, a place to feel good and chill out. For us it was clear: to feel great on holidays, our villetta had to be as comfortable and inviting as a primary home, if not better!

With Patricia’s past experience in the hotel business, renting out our holiday home was the next natural step. The wonderful feedback of our first guests exceeded all our expectations and that became the spark that ignited our passion.

Our aspiration is to share with you the passion and emotion that originally inspired us.