1. Pleasant Climate
The climate is already warm and sunny but without the sultriness of high Summer that knocks you out. The minimum temperature is around 17 degrees!

2. Less crowded Beaches
Beaches are decidedly less crowded and you do not have to walk for hours under the scorching sun to find a square meter to lay down your towel. The sand seems whiter and the sea even more transparent!

3. Cultural Highlights
The mild climate is perfect for organizing excursions in the forest and natural parks, discover interesting archaeological sites or admire the local festivals and their ancient traditions.

4. Meet the Locals
Stroll in the small towns and meet the real locals, go to the market in Cagliari and learn about their produces or participate to their traditional festivals. Sardinians are very welcoming and love to promote their island.

5. Spend less
Accommodations, flights, ferry fares and car rentals: everything is just cheaper off season. So why not take advantage of it!

Now you have at least 5 reasons to visit us! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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  1. Tim Larsen
    Tim Larsen says:

    True. May is the perfect month for a longer stay to really get to know the island. (spend 4 weeks for the price of two in the high season) 🙂

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