Are you looking for a day of adventure combined with some me time on the beach? Then we strongly recommend an excursion to Porto Tramatzu near Teulada, on the south coast of Sardinia.

The beach of Porto Tramatzu is one of the very best location in the area. Its white and soft sand is bathed by a stunning turquoise and crystal clear sea, the seabed is shallow and slopes gently to the shore. The fancy beach club is very well equipped with elegant sunbeds (some are super-sized!), free bathrooms and showers, changing rooms and a bar, which serves light lunches.

If you fancy some action, ask Alessandro, the very friendly chap who rents water equipment on the beach. They have a large choice of rubber dinghies, some of which can be rented without license, pedalos, canoes and jet skis. You can also ride on the Banana boat for the thrills or join a guided boat tour, which will lead you to secluded and pristine beaches, which can only be reached by boat.

If you are staying in the Chia area, take this opportunity to discover the panoramic road to Teulada! The view on the coast and the beaches below are absolutely breath-taking and well worth the trip. On the way, you can make a stop on the spectacular Tuerredda beach, just for the pleasure of the senses. Enjoy and share your comments if you like!

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Sheep-farming has always been one of the most prolific and productive activities in Sardinia. As a result of this very old tradition, there are currently about 5 million Sardinian lambs on the island!

The meat is a high quality food, organic and rich in protein. It is lean, tender, easily digestible, and above all, its aromatic taste recalls the wild herbs that the animals have been grazing freely in the fields. The best way to cook the lamb is in the oven, but it can also be prepared on the grill or in a pan, seasoned with local white wine, garlic, olive oil and herbs. A unique delicacy!

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In this full-day excursion you will learn all you need to know about the wildlife and Mediterranean flora of the area, as well as its unique geography.

Secrets of Sardinia will take you through the forest of Monte Maria, visit a Sardinian shepherd, have a brunch with local goods and excellent red wine and finally tour along the south-coast to admire the beauty of the bay of Tueredda and Chia.

The full day excursion starts from Pula and Santa Margherita around 9:00 am and costs 80€/person including

  • Trip through the forest of Monte Maria
  • Visit by a Sardinian Shepherd
  • Brunch with local goods and excellent red-wine
  • Tour along the south-coast
  • bay of Tueredda and Chia

For more information: http://www.secretsofsardinia.com/escape-cagliari-and-experience-the-stunning-teulada-mountain-village.html

Photo credit (Brunch at the shepherd): www.secretsofsardinia.com

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The medieval district of Castello (Castle) is the oldest of the four historic districts of Cagliari. It is prominently located on a hill, about one hundred meters above sea, and is the heart of the city with its mighty walls that still surround most of the district perimeter.

Alone in Castello there are seven churches: 4 are in Gothic Aragonese style and 2 in Baroque style. However the most important is the Cathedral of Santa Maria, which was built by the Pisans in the thirteenth century and underwent profound stylistic changes over the centuries. In 1930, the facade was restored in an effort to give back to the church the original Pisan-Romanesque style. The church obtained cathedral status in 1258 and is now the seat of the archbishop of Cagliari.

The Cathedral is open daily from 8:00 – 12:00 and from 16:00 – 20:00. On request you can also visit the Cathedral Museum, where are held the most important works of the Cathedral Treasury.

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The perfect time to taste the Urigliettas!

Sas Urigliettas (also called orilletas, origlietas, orulletas, urigliettas or montecadas) are a traditional Sardinian sweet, which is especially served during the Carnival celebrations. This pretty and delicious dessert is made from durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs. It consists of a sheet of dough cut into strips then twisted to form floral motifs and then fried in hot local honey. Yummmm …. Heaven!

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Nora Laguna

The Nora Lagoon includes the branched system of channels and little islands that characterize the mouth of its river, the Rio Arrieras, and it is separated from the sea by the Fradis Minoris peninsula, geological formation known as the Tyrrhenian Bench, rich in fossil inclusions.

The Peninsula was used, in the Punic and Roman times, as a quarry for the extraction of material for the construction of the city of Nora, and now is covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation and other flora species typical of brackish wetlands. When walking along the Peninsula you can observe the evident traces of human labor.

The Laguna Park is home to numerous species of birds including the most representative of the coastal birdlife including the rare Audouin’s Gull, which the Laguna di Nora is the main nesting site in Italy. Amidst the shrubs of the Mediterranean maquis you will find a little cabin equipped for birdwatching. It is perfectly suited to scrutinize the flight of egrets, herons, kingfishers, the rare gull, study their characteristics and their habits, listen to their song, so different for each species.

Birdwatching can be done throughout the year and allows you to observe the birds without any disturbance or affecting them.

The park is open from June – August: from 10.00 – 20.00 (last entrance at 19:00); in September: 10:00 – 19:00 (last entrance at 18:00). Guided visits (90 minutes) take place daily at 11:30 and 17:30. From October to March open by appointment only. Entrance fee: 8,00 EUR

Further information: http://www.lagunadinora.it/


Su FurriadroxiuSu Furriadroxu is the name of a typical house built around a courtyard that distinguishes the architecture of the villages and boroughs of the Campidano region (South Sardinia).

Situated in the heart of Pula old town, near the Piazza del Popolo, Su Furriadroxu serves specialities of the local campidanese cooking. The ambiance is very friendly and feels very original – you immediately feel like you are being welcomed in a private home (which it used to be for a long time!). Architecture, furniture, paintings, decorations and even the costume of the personnel remind us of past times.

You can take a seat either in the courtyard amidst the perfumed orange and lemon trees, under the charming loggia or in the living room covered by a beautiful truss ceiling.


Their menu offers a wide range of original dishes made only with local produces. Start your meal with an antipasto or salad, and continue with a yummy specialty such as Malloreddus alla Campidanese (pasta with sausage and tomato sauce), Ricotta and saffron ravioli in cheese cream sauce and orange, pasta bags filled with mashed potato and mild mint in tomato and basil sauce, Suckling pig on the spit (on order), Boar stew in red wine sauce, or Mixed grilled meat, just to name a few.Su Furriadroxu

But don’t leave without trying their divine Sebada (large fried raviolo stuffed with fresh cheese and topped with honey) or Ricotta cheese cream on soft Sardinian biscuits … Heaven!

The restaurant is open in the evenings. Check the menu on the webbsite: www.sufurriadroxu.it





Why not surprise your loved one with a traditional Sardinian dish! This very pretty looking dumpling is called Culurgiones, a delicious pasta filled with potatoes, fresh and aged pecorino, garlic and mint. On this special day, we suggest to serve the culurgiones just with a heavenly tomato sauce.

The most challenging part is the closing of the dumpling, which makes it look so gorgeous. If you want to learn how to make Culurgiones, have a look at this video!

Buon appetito and Happy Valentine!

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The celebrations of the New Year have just ended and the next big events are already being prepared.

One of the most spectacular happenings in Sardinia during Carnival is the traditional and unique equestrian performance, la Sartiglia, which takes place in Oristano (North West of Sardinia) this year on 11 and 13 February.

The main figure of the ride is Su Componidori, a horseman dressed in a fascinating rite and becomes the king of the celebrations. The riders wear a large white embroidered cape with a camellia pinned on, a black top hat and a wooden mask with delicate almost androgynous lines, which give it a magical look.

The horsemen gallop through the narrow streets of the town centre and try to spear with their swords a silver star which is hung across their path. At the end of the ride the event continues with daring horseback acrobatics a thigh speed. But the most exciting and spectacular moment of the show is when younger ones ride in the same way taking everybody’s breath away.

If you are around Oristano at this time of the year, don’t miss this exceptional experience!

Photo: Angelo Porcheddu
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Visit local markets

Pula market

Remember that local farmer’s products always taste better! Not only that! They also have higher antioxidant levels and haven’t been fumigated with toxic chemicals. If you care about your health, want to contribute to a cleaner environment and support the local family businesses at the same time, then why not head to the daily or weekly market in your area.

Are you spending your holiday in South-West Sardinia? Then these are the local markets you should head to:

Domus de Maria: Saturdays
Pula: Tuesdays
Santa Margherita di Pula: Sapori di Sole – daily
Teulada: Mondays
Cagliari: Market of San Benedetto and of Via della Quirra – dialy

Enjoy the experience!